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Greg Badras

Greg is our healthcare technology advisor with over 30 years of experience managing and consulting with start-up, mid-market, and large healthcare institutions.


A transformative and results-driven Business and Technology executive, Greg has extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry with a unique blend of medical provider and health plan operations experiences leading both technology and process improvements in EHR, Population Health Management & Analytics, Risk Management, and Care Coordination in support of strategies to move to value-based reimbursement.

His personal skill set includes:

  • Action-oriented business and clinical strategies with a focus on critical trouble-shooting of design and implementation challenges 

  • Team builder that organizes people into action focused on the goals of the enterprise and cultivates both existing and emerging talent

  • Innovative advisor to the C-suite and management introducing thought-provoking alternatives regarding use of technology, process and people

  • Practical roadmaps that provide stable pillars of capabilities to organizations and keeps the focus on achieving outcomes

  • Realistic and Practical Thinker, Planner and Executioner that is always monitoring changes in the business and technology environment to anticipate critical changes in cost, people and infrastructure

Greg has worked for premier healthcare and consulting organizations such as Wellpoint Health Networks, HealthCare Partners (now Davita HealthCare Partners), PricewaterhouseCoopers and Kaiser Permanente.  His experience also includes working with early stage management service organizations to create technology-enabled services to support moving physician organizations to value-based care transformation and reimbursement models.

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