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Lee Akay

Lee Akay is the Managing Partner of Innovation Discovery Center (IDC).  He is responsible for building and implementing innovative concepts for transformative products and services.  He has domestic and international experience in operations, P&L oversight, product development, portfolio management, rapid operationalization and commercialization. In 2017, Lee was listed as one of Inc Magazine's' 20 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs Improving Health For All.

Lee also serves as the CEO of Fitgenetix, a precision health and wellness company that offers an integrated platform for personalized diets, supplements and exercise. Fitgenetix platform combines genetics, microbiome, epigenetics and lifestyle to deliver lasting results.  Fitgenetix is the future of healthcare with the goals of eliminating obesity and increasing longevity by using knowledge about the human genome and creating practical approaches to health.

Prior to IDC, Lee was a senior partner with Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he held regional and national responsibilities. In addition to building and operating business units he led large national and international engagements and personally consulted to the executive leadership in Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive experience in the health care, pharmaceutical, energy and telecommunications industries. 

​Prior to his career in consulting, Lee founded and built Computech, a successful software development firm that pioneered an original systems engineering approach RAPID™ that dramatically accelerated software development and deployment, Lee also served as a founding board member for the HealthTech Center, a membership based think-tank established to identify and inform member organizations about emerging trends in innovations and technologies, promote the research and evaluation of technology-enabled interventions and service models to transform care.

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