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Covid-19 and Rapid Healthcare Innovation

In recent months, the pace of innovation in healthcare has accelerated enormously worldwide, to the point where the typical period of a year has become weeks or days.

Hospitals and health systems have moved to new ways to protect patients, and providers have begun to find new ways to deliver services. Healthcare innovation is happening at a pace and scale never seen before. Applying inventiveness and adaptability, has helped to increase the success of health innovation.

We expect many of these changes to continue after the pandemic and to help bring healthcare to a technologically enabled future. It’s likely for providers and startups to partner in transforming the future of healthcare. For start-ups it is helpful to have a partner in health systems that drive innovation; start-ups benefit from access to patient population and potential reimbursement coverage to accelerate adoption. For providers it is an opportunity to increase the rate of innovation and identify new methods to innovate in-house. It is difficult to accept methods that needlessly slow down innovation when the health-care system knows that positive change can be made faster than they are used to.

The winner of accelerated innovation will be health care - the health system that works with it - unburdened by the constraints of the past. By embracing innovation, we can transform health-care system anywhere in the world and meet the health challenges of our time, today and in the future.

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