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The latest rage - population health management

If all population health experts are correct, in the next few years Big Data will know more than you want it to know about your medical and insurance information, you will be risk-dissected, de-duplicated, magically attributed to the provider of your dreams, and in the end you will be healthier, and you’ll have no care gaps as defined by a bureaucracy that believes you need to fill those gaps. Accountable doctors and their care teams will be miraculously transformed into highly efficient groups of preventative and chronic care task masters, CMS will somehow transform into a highly efficient MACRA and MIPS on-time payment showcase, and the insurance companies will be pleased with their margi

Healthcare Scalability - the eight keys to success

Healthcare businesses are facing an unprecedented change. It is beginning to become apparent that size really does matter. Healthcare companies must scale or die. The driver behind this sea change is the need for economies of scale. Without scale healthcare companies will not be able to address the monumental challenges facing the industry. The bottom line is that smaller players face extinction. So what are the "eight keys to success" of healthcare scalability? 1. Clear Scalability Objectives Healthcare companies seeking to scale must have a clear understanding of what their scalability objectives are. There is a big difference between scaling from serving one million members to three